This unice wonderful 1977 Zemaitis Flametop is the only Les Paul style guitar with an curved bookmatched flame top.

I've seen a lot of Zemaitis guitars of collectors and I owned more than 14 different Zemaitis guitars by myself.
I've known Tony Zemaitis since the early 80th.

This is real unic and one of the best guitars that Tony  ever made. 

(Most of the   Flametops has three parts of wood and are not curved. And the three part of wood are cut obliquely - see link.)

But this guitar is book matched like the old  real vintage les pauls (1958-1960) 

-The guitar is from 1977 , when Tony mad the guitars with real love for details. The guitar has green dots (at the side of the fingerboard) 
-The Saddle has nice curves!
-The Bridge and stop tailpiece is handmade like Tony made it on the expencive guitars.
-The Toggle Switch is Gretch Style (Typical fot that years (mid 70) The guitar has Gibson pick ups. The Neck Pick up can switch out of face and single coile. - Tuners: Grovers 

Look at that beautiful "honey" colour
For further information click on the pics!

Zemaitis: 1977 Custom Deluxe Flame Top

One of the best guitars Tony ever made!
The one and only chance to get an original Zemaitis bookmatched -  Flametop with curved Top
Price: 68000 Euro

Original Vintage Gibson  and Fender guitars are accepted as part of the payment.
Ask for more info ! 

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